Minimalist Kitchen Tour: 70 Minimalist Kitchen Organization

Hey everyone welcome to our kitchen. These are the back doors to the house andit opens into the kitchen. So I’m gonna start with this cabinet on theright. So the first shelf is empty, it’s free space. And at the bottom are used egg cartons andI keep them because we get free eggs out of them and at the back I just keep emergencywater. So moving on to the first drawer, this iswhere we keep our kitchen utensils and cutlery. So this is all the cutlery we own, some chopsticks,and a big spoon for the rice and these are all the kitchen utensils used for cookingand we literally own two knives and we just sharpen them when they go blunt.

On the second drawer is where we keep ourmugs and glasses. We have five mugs in total and eight glassesI think and just bits and pieces like paper, this is where I write the grocery list andthe block used for sharpening the knives and just bits and pieces we use around the kitchen. Inside the third drawer is where we keep thebaking trays for the oven and these came with the house. And on the last drawer is where we keep disposableutensils and these were leftovers from a previous party. Let’s move on to under the kitchen cupboardsand this is where we keep cleaning supplies and these are all the cleaning supplies weuse only for the kitchen.

And underneath here is the fire extinguisher,some extra light bulbs for around the house and the drying rack for the dishes. Inside this corner cupboard is where we keepthe rice cooker and I don’t know if you can see but behind that is where I keep lukewarmwater and underneath here are just baking stuff for cakes and cupcakes and it’s justempty on this side of the cupboard. I just wanna show you what I keep on the counteron this side, we keep two chopping boards and a kettle because we use that all the timefor boiling water. So inside the first drawer we have four bigplates and four small plates and four of that sauce thing bowl. On the second drawer is just where we keepserving plates and bowls. And finally on this last drawer are plateswe don’t use so I’m actually giving these away.

Inside this cabinet is where we keep our cookingpots and pans and the red thing is strainer or a sieve. So on this shelf is where we keep stuff wedon’t use that often like oil and soy sauce and some spices. It’s the same thing on the other side, atthe top are wine glasses we don’t use all the time, aluminum foil, and just extra likeflour and bread crumbs and stuff. So on this side of the kitchen are these tallcabinets. That cabinet I store non kitchen stuff. I’m just gonna show you what’s in here. So we keep the vacuum cleaner here and atthe bottom it’s a large container for raw rice.

This is our pantry. At the top is where we keep our reusable grocerybags, next is just bits and pieces we don’t use all the time and this space I keep freefor when we have flatmates or poeple from AirBnB and this is our pantry or like wherewe keep our dry goods. And in this bottom cabinet is where we keepcleaning sponges and I wanna talk about the plastic bags real quick. So Ray and Iwe never use plastic bags, butwe always have flatmates and they use plastic bags so that’s why we have them there.

And here is just another empty space. So this is our fridge where we have our travelmagnets and this might be my favorite because it shows the concrete jungle and this photoof Ray and me because it took us five hours to get to that view. This is the inside of our freezer and fridgeand we actually just did our groceries and we don’t buy that much because we don’t wantto waste food and just end up throwing them away. On this corner we have this preparation tablewhere we have garlic and onion and this table we actually got for free from the neighbor. And behind that door is just the hot watercylinder.

So underneath the table is our garbage collectionsystem. Inside the white bin is our general waste,this is for compost and we take the compost out every week. Inside the plastic bag is for paper and plasticrecycling and on the green crate is for glass recycling. So that’s our entire kitchen. To be honest it doesn’t look like this allthe time but I try to keep it this way. Hope you enjoyed the video and I hope it motivatesyou to declutter your kitchen or your home. I’m really enjoying having less things andI hope I can do it to the rest of the house. Thanks for watching and see you next week.


Gordon V. Pettyjohn