Bathroom Remodel Inspiration and Design: 90+ Amazing Ideas for Happy House

When you’re thinking about what you wantyour bathroom to be you’er thinking about function like we talked about how dothese things work, how do the pieces work how does the toilet work, how does the shower work. How easy are these things to clean. How will you use your tub, how will you use your vanity, how nice do you want it to look.

Think about also what is your inspiration for thesethings? Is natural light your inspiration? you know did you go to a hotel and therewas a huge skylight right over the shower and it just felt amazing to takeshowers in the morning with the sun on your ass or was it something else didyou just like how you could dim the lights and it was really cozy andromantic did you like how the water closet wasbasically a sealed-off entity and you had total privacy in there did you likethat you had a really bright lights for putting on your makeup when you wantedthem and for getting dressed think about these things what inspires you what arethe things that you love grab pictures of those, write these ideas down.

I knowfor me I like natural light. I like I like big bathtubs. I likecomfortable showers, I like pretty showers I like comfortable toilets I like a nicevanity that looks good at you know I wanted to look like an impressive pieceof furniture something that will that has been around for a while and will bearound for a long time these are things that are important tome in the bathroom I hope that as you are considering yours you are able tofigure out what you want and build your own dream bathroom Thanks for listening, I hope these tipswere helpful.

Gordon V. Pettyjohn