Installing a Ceiling Fan : Wiring for Ceiling Fan Installation

Hi! My name is Adolph Ramirez from Tampa,Florida on behalf of Expert Village. This is how to install a ceiling fan wiring diagram. The nextthing you need to do to identify your wires, the fan is already hung up on the bracket,you can identify the wires. Of course, white as I said previously is your neutral, blackis your hot and your blue is for your light kit. It is your power for your light kit.

You have your green already here. It is part of the bracket. This is your brown and whatwe are going to do now is attach it. The wires usually come very long. That is very standard. That is in case you want to hang your ceiling fan with a long down rod. Some of them goup to 3 feet. I guess this one is about 3 feet and maybe even 4 feet long. We don’tneed that much.

What we are going to do is cut it and I am going to cut it about 10 inchesto a foot and that will give me enough play so I can wrap my wires around. Okay on thisparticular unit, this one came with a wire for remote control, such as this one. Or ratheryou have your AC input. You have your black which is your hot and you have your whitewhich is your neutral and this is what we are going to connect to the house wire.

Thisother one here, the other 3 on the output side is your hot, your white for your neutraland your blue. As you see I’ve already connected your blue and blue together, white and whiteand now I am going to connect the black and black and these wires here go to your fan. These are the ones that control your fan.

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